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Mom's Choice Award Silver Winner!!!
Thank you Mom's Choice Award for the recognition of my book, What Kind of a Name is That?! I am so honored and excited to receive this award!
We started MadCan Enterprises in 2011 when I published my first children's book, What Kind of a Name is That? I love my children, Canyon and Madison, and I love to write. I combined my two passions and published my book. I hope you will purchase my book (also available as an eBook) and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Please visit the products page to purchase your copy today! Now you can view my new book trailer! Click on the photo of the book above, watch the trailer below, or click here!
NEW!!!! I am working hard on getting my new Interactive Touch Book App Published. Look for more info soon! Special thanks to Korey Scott for his awesome illustrations!
Please come back often to see upcoming book signings on the Events Page! We hope to see you there!
I want to thank my wonderful husband for being so supportive. I am lucky to have him support my dreams and encourage my success. I also want to thank my family and friends. The encouragement and support you have provided has meant the world to me.
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What Kind of a Name is That? by Shawnna D. Poor
A Tate Publishing trailer for What Kind of a Name is That? by Shawnna D. Poor
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