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Growing Gardens & Writing Books
eBook brought to LIFE!


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Growing Gardens & Writing Books

Hey fans! I have an amazing new blog. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love my garden and I love books. So, I decided to make my blog about those two passions! I hired an amazing designer, Ro Little, that gave my blog the much needed personalization and WHAM! Growing Gardens & Writing Books was born! Please head on over and check it out! Leave me some feedback cause I would love to hear from ya!

eBook brought to LIFE!

The eBook narration has been completed! I want to send my personal thanks to Dawn Alexander for helping me make this dream come true and walking me through the recording process. She is truly amazing! I also want to thank Laura Vaccaro and Derek Batey for allowing me to use the studio! Thanks so much!!!

If you have not downloaded eBooks then you need to get on the ball! These books are perfect for children that cannot yet read or even for those that can! You can download eBooks on your iPhone, iPad, Nook, etc and take them all with you!
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